Reviving the DNC

Together we can and we will make a difference!



We cannot begin to organize and coalesce as a party of principled ideals until we open up to the men and women whom we claim to represent! As always, the primary focus should be our fellow Americans who’s good fortune and future prosperity is bound to the integrity and good will of elected representatives.



The cliché political narrative has done nothing but hoodwink the American people for far too long. The time is long overdue for all Democrats—Liberals, Progressives, Caring and Forward Thinking Americans—to stand together and voice a unified message! We are a diverse nation made up of many cultures, religions, peoples, beliefs, ideals and it has never been more important to wear this as a badge of honor. 



Sadly, money is a necessary evil in the world of politics but we can turn this into a positive by changing how it’s used. We will continue to raise funds but we will focus this money in ways that grow our party and lift up the men and woman of this country. THAT MEANS NO CORPORATE MONEY!!!



What good is fundraising if we don’t use it in the most productive way? We can start doing this by giving it to those who need it most: the candidates and local state parties. We need to reassess how we distribute funds from the DNC so that we can give the Democratic Party back to the people. 



All of the fundraising, messaging, allocation of resources, and popularity doesn’t amount to anything if we don’t win! Therefore, we will develop a winning strategy that encompasses all 50 states—we will no longer focus solely on hot bed Blue districts but instead will tackle the country as a whole!